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By Hamza Argoub

I have very limited free time this month, and when I do have free time, I’m not necessarily in the mood to write. But the main thing that prevents me from posting constantly is that I don’t like photography. Controversial in the blogosphere but true. Of course I love beautiful pictures and enjoy beautiful photography on many other blogs. When I take a photo that actually looks good or looks like I imagined it, I’m very happy with the photo. But I’m not really interested in photography and I don’t have the skills, inclination or patience to spend time preparing images with the right aesthetic. Or to plan the photo shoot in advance and wait until the winter sun actually shines for an hour so I can cram all my photos later into different posts. I admire a lot of girls who do this and respect the level of effort that goes into it. But I’m not good at taking pictures. I don’t have the patience, I think that’s the main thing.

Additionally, I’m not good at matching images to posts that don’t have a clear type of image that should accompany them. And I’m not very photogenic, so facial complications are not the answer for me.

And so, right now, when blogs look more professional, and the time readers typically spend on the page actually reading the words is dwindling, I worry that without images to back up my words, I won’t have much to show for it. Or at least not for the immediate “grab” required, before the reader can be drawn in by the writing or personality behind the blog.

So here we go. This is one of the main reasons why I don’t blog as much as I’d like, or whenever I have ideas to write posts. I’ll try not to let this get in the way of my blogging too much this year.

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