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By Hamza Argoub

So fall is here, the leaves are changing color, and our toes need a little more coverage from Summer’s departed weather. Here are some of my favorite picks that you might want to add into your collection.

Jeffery Campbell- Icy Doll Head

These are definite conversation starting shoes! They have an acrylic base to the shoe that lets the Barbie Doll heads steal the show. Super comfortable wedge that can be worn with almost anything, but just before wearing them remember to protect the suede from the elements with a protective spray. Trust me it will save your heart from a lot of pain just incase you have a little spill around your shoe!

Prada Calzature Donna -Wedge Boot

Now  these are great shoes for any collection, especially for girls that are a little more sporty and enjoy that sneaker feel. These have a hidden wedge that allows for a little extra height and much needed comfort. Now just remember to protect the shoes from the elements before wear seeing as though these are suede as well. You can dress up a sweat outfit with these or dress down a pair of jeans for a chill day at the mall shopping. Whatever you like!

Zigi Soho- Nadetta Peep Toe Wedge Boot

These are the shoes that stole my heart. I had to have them, and then went back to get a back up pair as well as a pair in a camel brown color. Another pair of black shoes that you can’t go wrong with. These make a statement all their own for the simple fact of that stand out gold zipper! Normally on a lot of other boots the zipper in the front is non-functional but, your in luck this works and you have easy access. Super comfy sky high boots that are sure to turn some heads!

Forever 21 Wedge Creeper Boot

Most people won’t like these boots and I get it completely, but they bring me back to the Spice Girl days, when life was all that much better. If you are team creeper wedge this is a shoe for you! Super light and comfortable, you can walk all day long in these and not ever realize that you have boots on! These are really hard to get your hands on so here is a pair that can foot the bill as

Forever 21 Silver Wedge sneaker

Here is a pair of wedge sneakers that can add a pop of color to the parade of black shoes that fall and winter bring in. These shoes can add a lot of zing to any outfit because they are a little unexpected. I love to pair these with a pair of knee high socks and some shorts to make the look that much more interesting! Just keep it all in the same color family (black) to not look crazy!

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