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By Hamza Argoub

It’s that time of the year again. Preparing treats, costume planning, all that razzmatazz gearing up for Halloween. If you have been too busy to coordinate a look, here’s a simple Halloween makeup look that can be put together in just 30 minutes flat. Most of all, the makeup ingredients are basic ones lying in your makeup drawer. Just throw on a grey metallic dress and shoes and you’ll be ready to hit the streets!

Here’s a close up of the look.

Here’s the side profile.

Items you will need:

  1. Blending brush this is one is from Sigma. If not use a cheap blending brush.
  2. Flat liner brush. This one is from Crown Brushes.
  3. Concealer Brush. This is easier to apply the product to the face faster.
  4. A palette that has black, silver, and red in it. If not individual shadows will work as well.
  5. Black liner from Urban Decay
  6. NYX jumbo eyeliner in Milk

7.NYX jumbo eyeliner in Black Bean

  1. ELF Liquid liner in Black
  2. ELF liquid liner in Silver
  3. Essence mascara in black
  4. ELF Smudgepot in “Hit the Town”

Step One

Using NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk cover your entire face in white. If you have thick costume paint in white that will work as well. You can cover your ears and neck if needed for the costume look as well.

Step Two

Using your smudge pot from ELF Cosmetics cover your face in the silver smudge pot called “Hit the Town” over top of the base color. This is acting as a base to help hold the colors that will go over this.

Step Three

Using the silver eyeshadow in the palette cover your face until it is all even.

Step Four

Using the NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean draw out your eyebrows, make a circle at the tip of your nose, and cover your lips in the color was well. With the silver in the palette make the center of your lip stand out by highlighting the middle part. Contour with the black eyeshadow in the palette, create high cheek bones and darken underneath your jaw line and hair-line. This is creating the look of the tin woman with doing the contours. Also go in with Urban Decay liner and line your waterline and tight line.

Step Five

Here you are going back in with the silver in the palette and highlighting under the eyes and under where you did the contour with the black, it will make the contour line stand out more. Also line your upper lash line with the liquid liner from ELF in black and use your mascara to make those bottom and top lashes pop. If you wanted to here you can add false lashes, depending on how dramatic you want to go. Ardell has great variety and affordable lashes.

Step Six

Using your jumbo pencil again in Milk create the heart that will later be filled in. You can put the heart wherever you want. The cheekbone was the placement of choice here.

Step Seven

Take the red color in the palette and fill in the heart. Also taking Black bean again outline the heart to make that also stand out from the rest of the face.

Step Eight

Using the tip of the Black bean pencil make “screw” marks on the face. Take the silver liquid liner for ELF cosmetics and draw a line through the middle of the circle to make it look more like a screw. Taking the black eyeliner and draw the outline of the heart in black, and using the silver make a highlight on the high point of the heart (this is optional).

Step Nine

The full face is done. You can clip in the oil can hat and you are on your way to your Halloween party. This is fun and very easy to create, From start to finish this look took about 30 mins.

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