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By Hamza Argoub

Weather is changing and some of these are the must haves for skincare from November 2022. Take a look.

Shea Moisture Shower Gels- If you haven’t tried Shea Moisture’s shower gels you are missing out.  The leather is wonderful, scent is beyond anything and price is perfect for all that the brand stands for. You can find Shea Moisture at Ulta, Target and on The brand also makes bar soaps that are great for travel if you want a piece of home away from home.

Hurraw Lip Moon Balm- Of all the scents that I have tried, Moon Balm is the best of them all. I have tried 9 different scents and some of them have different formulations. Moon balm is meant to be the night time balm that can help repair dry lips and helps to rejuvenate the skin. This is a thicker formula than the rest but, that is perfect because you feel as if you don’t have to apply as often. Must have in my book and the price is right too.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap (Any Scent)- This is the perfect soap for those that love a tingle feel after you come from the gym and jump in the shower if you use the Peppermint scent. The scent is said to help clear sinus and sharpen the mind. Made with organic ingredients and fair trade materials this was all a plus in my book and I fall in love all over again with every new scent I try from the brand. Tea Tree and Rose are great ones too! Rose makes me think of Spring and Summer and I am hopefully willing for Spring to come back so badly! Oh and these soaps you can use in a million different ways, the side of the bottle lets you know all of the different types of uses. Please try one and let me know what you think!

Razors and DIY Scrub- Now I know we just came out of the month of “No Shave November”, but as a woman I did not participate. I know many of us during the winter months take these months to not shave as often as in the summer months but for me it’s a must. You can use whatever razor brand that you want, just the most important part is the sugar scrub for exfoliating your body. On shave days I exfoliate before and after I shave my legs. This allows for a closer shave and for your skin to feel super soft. Just make sure that you take a nice thick cream or lotion after to lock in all moisture that might have been lost. Trust me you will want to thank me later.

Face Masks- Face Masks are really important and give your skin a much needed rest from applying makeup all the time. Masks are perfect to take out all impurities of dull and tired looking skin leaving you with refreshed looking and feeling skin! Freeman Beauty’s Avocado and Oatmeal is one of my favorites.

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