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By Hamza Argoub

I have another fashion post for you that includes leggings. Are you excited?!

Leggings are so comfortable and acceptable as long as you style them appropriately. If you have the figure, you can flaunt it just a little. I don’t have a 10 for a figure, but I like my curves, so I’m not afraid to show a little.

These are the same style leggings as in our previous post for this month. This time, they are charcoal colored. I paired them up with a cute grey striped t-shirt and a cropped denim vest. The vest helps to accentuate your waist while adding a contrasting texture to keep this outfit from being boring. I added in the felt loafers from the last post as well, which helped me to spend less on this outfit as the shoes were a previous purchase for one of our posts.

The vest was $14.99.

The leggings were $7.99.

The top was $5.99.

That makes our total for this outfit only $29! Our budget is $50, so that left $21 for accessories or whatever you want. I decided to buy a long-sleeved cardigan to use instead of the vest for cooler days. I will share that outfit soon.

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