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By Hamza Argoub

Now that the weather is cold, your skin care routine should be more hydrated! During cold seasons, humidity levels in our skin decrease. The regeneration of our body with additional hydration is vital to prevent unattractive, itching and dry skin that we all seem to hate.

Hands / feet:
Your hands and feet are probably the driest part of your body, so taking care of them is the key. Look for moisturizers that contain essential oils so that they can infiltrate the skin. There are large socks / night humidity gloves made from a mixture between special cotton and spandex which are perfect for dry hands / feet. To use, add your favorite thick lotion to your hands / feet, then wear gloves and socks to lock humidity. Continue to apply it for a few hours, maybe ideally just before bedtime, to allow the cream to really penetrate the skin. You will wake up with super soft hands and feet!

Your body can start to feel more dehydrated than usual during the coldest months. After the shower, try to add body butter to your whole skin to give you the best moisture treatment. If you can, try to wait a few minutes before dressing so that the body butter can absorb and prevent a sticky sensation.

If you feel that your face starts to feel more scaly or tight than usual, you should change your moisturizer. Look for creams that contain soothing ingredients like aloe vera or rose if you have sensitive skin so that you can reduce redness. There are also excellent moisturizing serums that you can add to your routine to pamper your skin and give it an additional layer of humidity. If you have oily skin and you don’t like thick moisturizers, try to add a few drops of argon oil or jojoba to your ordinary creams. This will give your skin a little additional humidity without doing too much.
All skin types must make sure to take additional care to reconstruct their skin at night. Your skin makes most of its repair and regeneration while you sleep, so adding a hydrating night cream and full of nutrients to your diet will be a special treat for your dehydrated cells! Also, don’t forget to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to control dandruff.

Start the hydrating process:
The products in the Neydharing skin care range is manufactured using peat and peat water from Neydharing Botanical Lande rich in nutrients in Austria. Combined with advanced peptides, the unique formulation of Moore products has proven anti-aging and healing properties. To give additional skin to humidity, try the peat face of the Neydharing peat. This procedure uses a facial mask in therapeutic clay, which contains high peat levels and starts to peck when your face begins to warm up. Due to the properties of healing, balancing and rejuvenation of clay, your skin will appear more, hydrated.

Of course, the first tip for all skin types is to drink more water! This keeps your body softer and hydrated from the inside. The increase in your hydration dose will improve humidity levels in your skin and are essential all the seasons of the year!

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