DIY Beauty Treatments Inspired By Our Favorite Summer Snacks

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By Hamza Argoub

Spring has spread; The weather is getting warmer and that also means summer is just around the corner. We love summer. We love lovely fruity scents, delicious summer treats, and beautiful light and airy summer wardrobe essentials. If your skin is still dry and you’re still feeling a little bored with the harshness of winter, it’s time to try some fun new home remedies to help you fully prepare for the warm weather ahead. Here are some of our favorite summer beauty treatments, inspired by our favorite delicious summer desserts and drinks.

Glaçons de la peau mojito

Boire un mojito le matin n’est probablement pas le mieux adapté à la maman occupée moyenne. Mais l’utilisation des glaçons inspirés de Mojito comme traitement rafraîchissant la peau du matin est l’astuce de beauté estivale parfaite. Dans un bol, mélanger quelques feuilles de menthe fraîches et ajouter du concombre purée. Pour de l’eau chaude et ajoutez-y quelques sachets de thé verts. Laissez le mélange refroidir à température ambiante. Retirez les sachets de thé, pour le mélange dans des plateaux de glaçons, puis placez-les au congélateur pendant la nuit. Utilisez ces cubes le matin en les appliquant doucement sur la peau nettoyant – y compris la peau autour de vos yeux – pour une matinée rafraîchissante. Le thé vert et le concombre ont des correctifs anti-inflammatoires et réduiront le gonflement ou la peau DUL.

Mexican facial mask

In our minds, we sit on the terrace of a large Mexican restaurant near the beach, sipping Margaritas and taking advantage of delicious food. However, in reality, we are occupied mothers who try to stay organized and spend our hectic days. Treat yourself to a Mexican inspiration facial mask if you need a skin boost. No cheese or beans here. Alternatively, the puree entirely a small tomato and half-avocado in a mixer. Apply this mixture to your skin as a mask and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Avocats have moisturizing and anti-aging properties, while powerful fruit acids from tomatoes exfoliate the skin.

Apple tart with the mode bathtub

Take advantage of this summer classic without the calories. In a mixture bowl, mix two cups of apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of cinnamon. Add a quarter of brown sugar and stir. Pour into a hot bath. Apple cider vinegar tones and purifies the skin, cinnamon acts as an antimicrobial to reduce imperfections and brown sugar to moisturizing properties. To get the “Sweet Spot”, add a cup or two of whole milk in the bath. Entire milk is incredibly hydrating and also contains lactic acid, which encourages exfoliation and renewal of skin cells. Add the milk separately from apple cider vinegar, as vinegar can cause a curry of the milk if it is added directly.

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