Cruelty-Free Companies That Need More Love!

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By Hamza Argoub

There are many different small companies that lots of people don’t know about. In all actuality both big or small, many companies don’t get the credit for the great products that they make that are cruelty free, vegan, organic or all of thee above. I personally like to search high and low for companies that most don’t gravitate towards. For the simple fact that I love to try new things that most haven’t, I love to find things they may be on the unbeaten path because you could be pleasantly surprised with what is on the other side. So with that being said I have five great products for some stand up companies that deserve a little more attention.

Let me introduce you to my amazing finds…

My first company is one that I found by doing a lot of research on better and healthier options for chapsticks. Any one that knows me, knows that I have a deep addiction to lip moisturizers. Being someone that must have at least two chapsticks of any kind on them at all times, I was really looking for something that can be layered under lipsticks if I needed, have a lot of moisture to them, smell great, taste good and doesn’t melt in my pocket… oh and one last thing, be cruelty free. I know, how dare I have such a huge list of what I needed when I was coming from using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and chemical laden Chapsticks. Now with all that said please let me introduce you to my lovely friend HURRAW! Lip Balm.

They are high quality, certified vegan, with organic raw ingredients that are non toxic, gluten free, no preservatives with fresh pressed oil. I know, how can that description not catch your attention right?!? The best part about it for me are the tubes that they come in, which aren’t your normal circular shaped lip balms, they are oval tubes that fit perfectly in your back pocket. Ugh, I love them so much. Now let me just say, this transition from the common lip balms and vaseline I was used to, took a little time to feel normal because of the texture, due to the fact they are much thinner then using vaseline but every bit enjoyable. Thin but moisturizing, very silky feeling on the lips enhanced by ever so delectable scents; a must try in my book. My personal favorite scents are Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Moon Balm.

For body care there many things that I love but I know I need an item that has a lot of moisture retention. Taking three showers a day and knowing that it’s stripping all the natural oils from the skin, I was looking for something that could “withstand the rain”.  So I found myself spending more time searching high and low, all to come across a brand that funny enough my mom was already using some years ago.

My searching led me to find a brand where the options seemed endless for you to choose from, called Nubian Heritage. When you go to the site you can navigate and choose products depending on your specific needs or desires such as dry skin or hair,curly or thin hair; you even have the option of searching by scents. They are a company that concentrates on being fair trade, cruelty free, and using natural ingredients. Not everything is vegan but you can just read the ingredients list for that, easy-peezy.

Now many people have heard of Pacifica Beauty and this is a plus but, I still wanted to sneak this one in here. This is a brand that is cruelty free, vegan and loves to give back to the community through their “Power of Love” campaign with Target. This campaign is with every purchase you make of the Power of Lipstick, in any shade, they give one to a woman in need. Many people would probably wonder why or how giving a lipstick back could help any women in need, but if you truly sit back and think about how the power of feeling great and looking your best in a women’s eyes makes her feel, you’d see that that lipstick could mean the world of difference, confidence, and add a little pep in her step.

One of my all time favorite items out of all the items they have to choose from is the eyeliner in Jet and the Aquarian Gaze Mascara in Abyss. This is a drier formula which I can appreciate because the dry time before you want to apply falsies is very minimal. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Found this gem on a hunt for a great cruelty free face wash system. Who knew that they have a full line for almost anything, skincare, sun care, face, body and hair! Eureka, I felt like I hit the jack pot! They are a 100% vegetarian, natural and organic, cruelty free brand that supports people, animals and the earth.

I tried some of the shampoos and conditioners but fell in love with the skin care line Acne Dote system. Now, I don’t have acne but this line is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and strong enough to keep all of the pimples that may want to come out at bay.

For so long I’ve been looking and looking for a great foundation that can go light to full coverage and also be cruelty free and if possible, vegan! Through the massive hunt and search, I finally came across a brand that has my color. It was hard to find a company that has wide range of colors that met that criteria. So this is why I must mention Cover FX.

This is a company that stands behind their makeup making sure that over time your skin gets better with use, all while helping you enhance your beauty. They are also free of the Inflammatory 5: parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc. The cover FX custom drops fit right in to be another perfect addition to my collection. Depending on the amount of drops you add to your lotions, etc., you can make your foundation light or full coverage! Score! The only down fall to this is that the bottle can get a little messy so keep that in mind. This is a great brand that is used by makeup artist and novice all around the world. Bronzers, blushes, foundations, primers you name it they have it! If you feel a little uneasy about purchasing online you can pop into your nearest Sephora and ask for a little guidance.

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