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By Hamza Argoub

I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps this week, which led to me thinking about the various things I do to try to cheer myself up when I’m feeling like this. Some of these things are probably obvious, but sometimes we need a little reminder. You can never have too many little self-care tips in your arsenal.

1. A hot shower: I do all of my best thinking in the here and, for me, often nothing beats a long hot shower. No one is going to disturb you, there’s nothing else to distract you, and sometimes it just feels cathartic. You can give yourself a good pep talk too. A bath isn’t the same for me, because then you just sit and over-think. It’s got to be the shower. And some lovely smelling products don’t hurt either 🙂

2. Doggies (or any pets): It is impossible to feel down when you are playing with a dog. Fact. They are so fluffy and happy and full of bounce that you just can’t. And they crave attention and give unconditional love, so they really do pep you up when you’re feeling crap about yourself. If you don’t have a dog then a hamster or the suchlike will do.

3. Fake tan: I know this is really superficial but sometimes when I am feeling rubbish, particularly if it’s feeling rubbish about myself rather than life’s turns and twists, making myself a little bit more bronze just gives me a little spring in my step. It’s nice to take some time to pamper yourself and I always think everything looks better with a tan.

4. Laugh with pals: Genuine laughter really is medicine for the soul and good friends can always cheer you up. Getting the girls together for a catch up is bound to lift your spirits and remind you that not everything is shit. Some things yes, but not everything.

5. Exercise: Especially outdoors exercise, like a walk or a run. A crisp bright day is preferable but optional. Getting outside always helps me to clear my head and blow away the cobwebs. And if you do manage to swap the wellies for Nikes and head out on a run you’ll be left feeling that bit fitter and just a little bit smug.

6. An early night: Sometimes all that there is to be done is draw a line under the day, take yourself off to bed early, snuggle up under your duvet and pretend nothing else exists. The morning usually brings brighter things and a lighter mood.

So that’s my little tip list. Let me know what other things you usually do to pull yourself out of a slump or a bad mood.

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