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By Hamza Argoub

Spring is around the corner, flowers will bloom, birds will perch and nails will get their fresh coat of paint.

There are so many ways to express yourself with the on-coming change of weather and I’m sure your nails wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun and action! Washes of pastels, florals, color blocks, stripes and polka dots are all here in this list of awesome just for you.

Get ready to crank out the top and base coats; you’ll want them to last. Be sure to check out the links for the full set of instructions and have fun matching them to your Spring wardrobe!

1. The Spring Bouquet.

This is a floral version of the traditional French mani resembles a bouquet of daisies. The cheery tips will surely brighten your day and this mani goes with anything! Interestingly, Katy was inspired by Helen Mirren‘s Spring dress.

2. Pastel Faded Nails.

Pretty pastels fading into each other is a brilliant way to wear multiple shades. The soft gradient effect is so mesmerizing. Perfect with pastel colored clothing or makeup!

3. Arrowhead Pattern.

A mani with an attitude, this compliments any rocker outfit. It’ll also add interest to your little black dresses and is a conversation starter by itself.

4. Pink with Silver Polka Dots

This dainty pink manicure will charm the socks off anyone when teamed up with tea skirts and dresses. Not to mention it’s really easy-to-do!

5. Geometric Figures

A stunning but complex mani, this surely takes more time and patience but with Sophie’s tutorial walking you through, you’ll be prancing around with the snappiest nails in town! And who doesn’t like a challenge once in a while?

6. Springtime Color Block

Color blocking is a big hit on the runway. And you guess it, color blocking can be done just as beautifully on nails as they can on clothes. Sarah Waite shows us how it’s done.

7. Mint Lace.

Boys, girls, who doesn’t love lace? But when you combine it with the freshness of mint green, we have a sure winner! Not to mention, this hand scalloping technique is way more personal and satisfying compared to a printed transfer.

8. Nude and Silver Half Moon.

This mani is quite similar to the inverted french mani but instead of a flat line, it has a half moon shape at the base. Featuring a lovely cobbler peach shade and shimmering silver, this classic-looking mani is simple and doesn’t involve pulling out your hair.

9. NCLA Nail Wraps.

If you are lacking in ‘me’ time lately but still want some flashy lookin’ nails, why not try nail wraps? NCLA makes some really great designs and plastered on the right shade, the results can be stunning!

10. Peach Gold Striped Nails

The marriage of metallics and pastel is such a harmonious one that we see it so often on the runway. Its light reflecting gold strips over glossy peach will catch the sun rays and magnetize a following.

11. Feather Nail Tutorial

This creative mani uses a feather as a stamp to transfer its pattern on the nail. You can do it for more than one nail if you wish or just a single nail, but the contrast of pattern and void sure is beautiful.

12. Striping Technique.

The striping technique looks amazing and you don’t have to do it for the whole set of fingers, just one will look awesome enough. Don’t be daunted by its technical difficulty (Afterall, this was created by an engineer by day, Lindsey).

13. Christan Dior Inspired.

Stripes, like time is linear. This timeless black on nude mani was created by Sammy for her 31 day Nail Challenge in 2012. She was inspired by couture brand Dior. It’s now 2023 but this look will never go out of style.

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