10 Pieces To Kick-start Your Fall Wardrobe

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By Hamza Argoub

It is this time of year again when all the A / W14 glimpses hit stores. Fall can be a busy season, because many of us go back to work or start a new school year, so being good and feeling confident is important. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it can bring trends in summer and winter by creating wonderful harmony between them. For me this year, it’s all about floral prints, bags and oversized hats, thick shoes, elegant necklaces, false leather and my favorite kimono. There are excellent articles that hit stores at the moment, so I chose the ten best rooms to launch your fall wardrobe


Ceci est le nouveau sac Zippy Wendy Bag. Les grands sacs semblent être une nécessité pendant la saison d’automne. Pour moi, j’ai besoin d’un grand sac parce que je prends mon ordinateur portable et plusieurs livres avec moi, et il doit également mettre d’autres articles quotidiens dont j’ai besoin comme le maquillage, les clés ou la nourriture. J’ai tendance à choisir un sac plus organisé parce que j’aime tout pour rester organisé tout au long de la journée.


It is a black floral print skirt. I love mini-taskirts because they have the appearance of a skirt with the comfort of shorts. I think skirts can be a very good piece in the fall and are easy to combine with other clothes. Whether it’s an oversized cardigan or a beautiful fluid kimono, you can’t go wrong.


These are dark red red strap sandals. Large shoes are a fun look! These shoes give a real atmosphere of the 90s and come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes, so there is something for everyone.


This is the Floral Fantasy Kimono. Words cannot describe how much like kimonos! They look so elegant and go with almost anything! I think this product brings a real festival and a realistic atmosphere, but can be dressed for a more dramatic look with ease.


This is a mini dark red leather skirt. Leather skirts are perfect for fall. I think the color of this skirt is beautiful and would be perfect with a few tights during the day. I think the leather look is very sophisticated and can be worn in many different styles, whether for work or an evening with friends.


These are cream gray socks with lace garnish. The lace patterned socks are so adorable, they are so cute! Since fall is a question of large shoes and boots, adding a little lace can create a declaration look and add a little details when you wear an ordinary shoe.


This is the fedora hat felt of the oxblood. Large hats make me feel so magical and I don’t know why! I think the hats in the fall look great with knitting, coats and kimonos. I love big hats because they create a feeling of mystery and look very elegant during the fall season, especially on the days when the leaves fall and there is a red and orange atmosphere.


This is the Hunter Moon necklace. Large necklaces are a must have. Perfect for epicling an outfit. If money is a problem, I think the thick necklaces are great to make your outfit expensive! I generally buy an ordinary top and bottom and add a little character with a magnificent declaration necklace.


It is a blue-sleeved knit t-shirt. I love sitting in a coffee with a knitting sweater, there is something that makes me feel if nostalgic and super safe. I love these short -sleeved sweaters because they provide the perfect transition from summer to winter when it is not yet so cold.

10 . BASIC

It is a black square crop top. Everyone needs a core top. I think that lingerie recently has become full of patterns and elegance, so having a simple room to balance the look is a must.

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